Globalisation, Modernism and Post Modernity

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  • Globalisation, Modernism and Post Modernity
    • Modernism
      • Nation State
        • Border less states, own states have institutions that control peoples lives
      • Rationality
        • Scientific ideas have replace religious beliefs
      • Individualism
        • Construct our own identities
      • Capitalism
        • Economy
    • Globalisation
      • Technological
        • Easier connectivity and travel
      • Economic
        • Electronic, less producing goods but more focused on providing information (Music)
      • Politcal
        • Border less states, undermines Nation State makes it hard to regulate corporations
      • Cultural
        • Construct own identity
        • Western Corporations impose similar tastes across the world
    • Post Modernity
      • Unstable, fragmented, media saturated global village
      • Shape our own identity through consumption
      • Foucault
        • No grounds for sure knowledge to prove or disprove theory
        • Consequences
          • Cannot guarantee knowledge is true cannot improve society
          • Theory that claims the 'truth' is meta narrative, not true so no reason to accept it
          • All views are true to people who believe them
          • We should recognise diversity instead of imposing one truth on society
      • Lyotard
        • Post Modern World series of different language games
      • Baudrillard
        • Knowledge is central to PM world
        • Based on buying and selling of knowledge
          • These are signs of signs that stand for nothing but themselves
            • Simulacra
        • Simulacra
        • Negative
          • Media created hyper-reality, unable to distinguish between reality and images, loose power to improve society
      • Evaulation
        • Significance media has on constructing culture and identity
        • Marxists
          • Ignores power and inequality
          • Ignores ruling class domination of media
        • Claim we can freely shape our identity an culture through consumption ignores poverty
        • Post Modernists are simply wrong to say people cannot distinguish between reality and images
    • Late Modernity
      • Changes we are witnessing continuation of modernity
      • Gidden
        • 2 Characteristics of Late modernism
          • Dis-embedding
            • Tradition no longer serves a purpose to show us how to act
          • Reflexivity
            • Due to no tradition constantly monitoring our actions
            • Society unstable
        • Manufactured risk society
          • Face economic and environmental risks


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