Globalisation and crime - corporate crime

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  • Corporate crime
    • Definitions - Sutherland
      • White collar crime - committed by a person in high status in their occupation
      • Occupational crime - done by employees of a company for their own gain. Against the company or its customers
      • Corporate crime - done by a company or its employees for the gain of the company
    • Why does corporate crime occur?
      • Differential association theory
        • When a company’s culture justifies crime as a legitimate way of achieving, socialisation into this occurs and crime rises
        • Techniques of neutralisation (Sykes and Matza)
          • When employees can legitimise their immorality act more deviantly
            • Acting on behalf of another
            • Normalisationof the crime
            • Victim blaming
      • Merton’s strain theory
        • When the goal is not met (profit) they innovate to reach the goal
          • Crime increases when business conditions are tight
      • Labelling
        • Companies can negotiate negative labelling due to status
        • Statistics are under representativeof corporate crime
        • Delabelling
      • Marxist view
        • Mystification around corporate crime  (Box)
        • Corporate crime is seen as the exception rather than the norm (Pearce)
    • Examples of corporate crime:
      • Use of industrial silicone rather than medical in breast implants
      • The horse meat scandal
      • Panama and subsequent pandora papers
        • Exposing individuals who have evaded tax etc
    • Why is corporate crime so hard to detect?
      • Media does not report
      • Politicians do not deal with corporate crime as it does not benefit them
        • MPs and ex PMs named in Panama papers
        • Focus on street crime
      • Complexity of corporate crime makes it difficult to understand and investigate
      • Sentencing differences between corporate and civilian crime
        • Setttlement out of court
        • Fines rather than custodial sentences


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