Glen Tetley

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  • Glen Tetley
    • Born in 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio
    • Training
      • Began dancing late and went to New York to study medicine and train to be a doctor
      • was inspired by American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in 1945 when they performed Romeo and Juliet
        • it was here he decided that dance was to be his future
      • He was offered a scholarship from Hayna Holm and after 5 years became her assistant
      • He was a dancer with New York City Ballet in 1951-54 and then the Joffery Ballet Company in 1955-56
      • 1957-59 he then joined Graham Company
        • "Graham taught me to re-examine everything, not intellectually but emotionally"
    • Choreographer
      • in 1962, he created his most famous work 'Pierrot Lunaire'
        • It was re-worked on the Rambert Company and performed in 1967
      • Tetley was hugely successful in exposing the British audience to modern dance works
        • Whilst working with the Rambert company in 1967 became known as the 'Tetley Season'
    • Movement Style
      • He opened up the range of movement vocabulary and distinctions between ballet and contemporary
      • his ethic was token on developing and keep finding new things
      • his style included balletically elongated legs and feet with an arching those with grahamesquefullness
      • "i have always existed in both worlds and never felt them to be anything but oe world
    • What did he bring to Rambert Company
      • He introduced the change of movement style to the company "changed the face of dance"
      • he introduced the idea of challenging the expectations of the audience
      • his vocabulary was expressive and drew on a number of styles to create a narrative
    • The Tempest (1979)
      • Originally a Shakespeare play, Tetley used the ideas to portray it as a dance production
        • Follows 3 themes; Freedom, Empathy and Forgiveness, Nature vs Nurture
      • Worked collaboratively with Arne Nordheim, Nadine Baylis, John B Read
        • "We don't dictate each other, we work as a team"
        • Saw a cloud of mist on the plane which led to the stage size silk material used in Ariels solo
    • Pierrot Lunier (1962/ 1967)
      • Norman Morrice saw Pierrot Lunaire in NY in 1962
        • Led to the re-staging of the work with the  Rambert Company in 1967 introducing modern dance
      • Commedia dell'arte was the influence, using the character of Zanni to reflect pierrot


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