Norman Morrice

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  • Norman Morrice
    • Artistic Director
      • Started an influx of new Rambert works, 6 within first year after reformation in 1966.
      • Decided dancers would take daily ballet and contemporary classes, still seen in the company today.
      • Brought in International choreographers
        • Glen Tetley
      • Oversaw the change from a mid scale ballet company to a small scale group of soloists.
    • Aims and Ethos of the Company
      • Perform regularly in London and to perform in provinces and abroad.
      • Preserve traditional works for heritage.
      • Encourage new works by new and established choreographers.
    • Training
      • Was given an opportunity by Robin Howard to go to America and study dance with Martha Graham. 1961-1962.
      • Trained at the Rambert School and joined Ballet Rambert as a dancer in 1953.
      • Grew up in the Rambert bubble, giving him a strong sense of collaboration  and how the company worked.
    • Choreography
      • First work 'Two Brothers' in 1958.
      • Used lots of Graham technique in his works.
      • Often fused his classical ballet training with his newfound passion for modern dance techniques.
      • Inspired younger dancers to choreograph.
        • Christopher Bruce
        • Johnathon Taylor
      • Took a very collaborative approach when creating his works and worked closely with deisgners.
        • Brought Nadine Baylis into the company.
        • Raplh Koltai


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