Glacial Landscapes

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  • Glacial Landscapes
    • Glacial Deposition
      • Drumlins= elongated hills of glacial deposits. They can be 1 km long and 500 m wide
      • Crag and Tail= rocky hill or mountain, generally isolated from other high ground
      • Erratic= large rocks or boulders in unusual shapes, unusually large and of a rock type uncommon to the area they have been dumped and so are found on their own.
      • Boulder Clay= A deposit of clay, often full of boulders, formed from the ground moraine material of glaciers and ice-sheets
      • Moraines= When glacial ice melts, different types of rock are laid down that have been carried along by the glacier
        • Recessional= ridge of debris deposited when the glacier pauses during retreat
        • Lateral= found deposited along the sides of the glacier.
        • Terminal= found at the the furthest (end) point reached by a glacier.
        • Medial= found at the junction between two glaciers.
        • Push= disorganised piles of rocks of various shapes, sizes and of differing rock types.
      • Till or glacial till is unsorted glacial sedimen
    • Erosion
      • Fjord= deep, narrow and elongated sea or lakedrain, with steep land on three sides
      • Tarn= A tarn is a mountain lake, pond or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier
      • Nivation Hollows= erosion of the ground beneath and at the sides of a snow bank
      • pyramidal peak= where three or more corries and arêtes meet
      • Arete= Tributary glacier left high above the main valley
      • Glacial troughs= Glaciers cut distinctive U-shaped valleys with a flat floor and steep sides
        • Roches moutonnée= steep, jagged faces and a smooth gradual incline. May have striations
        • Hanging Valley= a valley which is cut across by a deeper valley or a cliff
        • Ribbon Lakes= a ribbon lake is a long and narrow, finger-shaped lake
        • Truncated Spurs= a ridge that descends towards a valley floor or coastline from a higher elevation, that ends in an inverted-V face
      • Corries, cwms or cirques= the starting point of a glacier


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