Snowdonia - Glacial Landscapes Case Study

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  • Snowdonia - Glacial Landscapes Case Study
    • Facts
      • North Wales = covered by ice in glacial periods
      • Upland area = Glyders, mountains North East Snowdonia show many glacial landforms
        • However, landforms since been modified by periglacial processes , fluvial action, weathering & human processes
    • U-shaped valley - Nant Ffrancon
      • Glacier flowed north westerly direction towards Anglesey coast = glacial trough
      • River Ogwen flows in it but too small to create it = 'misfit stream'
    • Curries and Tarns
      • Llyn Bochlwyd & Llyn Idwal = tarns
        • Sit above Nant Francon Vally in corries = Cwm Bochlwyd & Cwm Idwal
    • Truncated Spur - Y Gribin
      • Created by being cut off by Nant Ffrancon glacier
    • Arete - Y Gribin
      • Glaciers formed either side of ridge = eroded rock in-between
    • Moraine
      • Found around Llyn Ideal deposed by glaciers
        • Terminal moraine = mouth, Lateral moraine = west side of tarn
    • Kame & Esker
      • Kame & Esker near Pentir village
        • Esker = 400m long, 10m high
        • Formed by meltwater from Nant Francon glacier
    • Outwash Plain
      • Glacier flowed in what now is Conwy Bay
        • Flat expanse of glacial till near Aberogwen
        • Plain has eroded to form cliffs = clear layers of glacial deposits
    • Blockfields
      • Formed by freeze-thaw weathering at Summit of Glyder Fach


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