Germany Pre-1871

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  • Germany Pre-1871
    • Before 1870 Germany existed as small states that were linked
      • Largest state was Prussia which wanted to invite all German speaking states
      • Countries like  France, Austria and Denamark felt threatened by Prussia and fought a series of Battles against them
      • By 1871 Germany was formed by the King pf Prussia and he became the new German Emperor  (Kaiser) This became known as the 2nd reich (Empire)
      • Wanted to  rival Britain and have better things then them
      • Emphasized what he says "will happen"
      • 1888- Wihem II  became Kaiser. The son of Britains queen
      • When he was small he had a withered arm he was shown that  dont stop fighting  until you reach your goal and like this heovercame  his-insecurities
      • He has an obsession for the see and therefore wanted to build navy better than Britain
      • In pictures he is painted in a certain way so you cannot tell about his insecurities and withered arms Eytc.
    • ROLES
      • Kaiser
        • Consulted over new laws
          • Supreme Commander
            • Ruled all states in Germany
              • Supported by Advisors and  Ministers, however he could ignore their decisions
                • Madediscussions  regarding weaponry
      • Reichstag
        • Parliment
        • All men over the age of 25 voted for them
        • Disscussed and voted on laws thet Kaiserdrew up
      • Bunderstac (Represented states in Germany)
        • Also Discussed laws
        • Consulted Kaiser


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