German Growth Under the Nazis

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  • German Growth Under the Nazis
    • Unemployment
      • Started huge programme of public works
        • Gave jobs to thousands
        • Autobahns (motorways) started in 1933
      • Fiddled with statistics to make unemployment look lower
        • Didn't count women or Jews
          • Invisible unemployment
      • Rewards encouraged work
        • All men 18-25 could be recruited into National Labour Service
        • Strength through joy
          • Workers given cheap holidays and leisure activities
        • Beauty of labour
          • Encourage factory owners to improve conditions
        • Volkswagen seen as an ambition
      • Nazis abolished Trade Unions
      • Output increased and unemployment almost ended
      • Wages still quite low and workers unable to strike or campaign
    • Military
      • Built up armed forces to create work
        • Secretly, as ToV had banned it
        • 1935: Military conscription re-introduced
        • 1936: Four Year Plan
          • Prepare the country for war
          • Industrial production increased
          • To make Germany self-sufficient
      • Sacked generals and replaced with Nazis
        • Goering in charge of Luftwaffe
    • Effects of war on economy
      • Women had to work as men joined the army
        • Esp. after 1941 when German forces were doing badly in Russia
      • Albert Speer: Minister of Armaments 1942
        • 1942 - 1944: weapon production tripled
      • Germany used slave labour from conquered countries
        • Help war effort
      • Industries unrelated to war neglected
      • Civilians killed through Allied Bombing Raids


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