China's one child policy

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  • Geography birth control policy: China's One Child Policy
    • Original rules and penalties
      • Each couple couldn't marry until their late 20s
      • The must only have one healthy child
        • Abort further pregnancies
        • Be sterilised after one child
      • 5-10% pay rise for those with one child
      • Free education for one child
      • 10% pay cut for those with more than one child
      • Healthcare and education has to be paid for two children
      • Granny Police checked on women of child-bearing age
      • Ethnic minorities would become unsustainable
        • Exempt from one child policy
    • Benefits and problems
      • 400 million less people born
      • More jobs and food are available
      • Standards of living improved
        • Millions got out of poverty
      • Women were forced to have abortions at 9 months pregnant
      • Women put under pressure from work, families and Granny Police
      • Sons were preferred over daughters
        • Girls sent to orphanages
        • Left to die (female infanticide)
      • Children over-indulged 'Little Emperors'
      • Gender imbalance- 60 million more males than females
    • Changes in the 1990s and 2000s
      • Children who were only children allowed a second child
      • Women could concentrate on careers with less childcare
      • Attitude to having a daughter improved
      • People were able to pay a fine and face consequences so have a second child
      • In 2008 1 million more people were born than died every five weeks
      • 600 million people still live on less than $2 a day
    • Introduced in 1979


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