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  • Geography-Climate Change
    • What is climate change?
      • Climate change is the changing of weather and climate
        • Due to the rising of burning fossil fuels (emit more co2 into the atmosphere)
    • How has climate change been affecting the 21st century world?
      • The weather has increased in temperature each year
        • Increase of: humidity, sea levels, sea surface temperature, temperature over land
          • Decrease in: glaciers, snow coverage, sea ice
    • What can we do to prevent climate change?
      • promote energy efficiency (turning off light switches+electric plugs when not needed)
        • use biofuels (fuels from plant matter) more than fossil fuels (which release co2+polluters into atmosphere)
    • What will happen if we cannot prevent/cap climate change?
      • There will be a rise in temperatures (both sea and land)
        • By 2020 the majority of Africa will be under water stress
          • hurricanes and storms may become more frequent
            • tropical/foreign animals will move North to Britain
              • The European countries will lose wealth due to vineyard climate being more suited to British weather


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