genetic variation

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    • sexual reproduction
      • two adults
        • male and female gamete
          • 46 chromosomes together
          • fuse
            • each egg becomes an embryo
      • slow
      • variation
    • asexual reproduction
      • one adult
      • embryo transplant
        • egg and sperm are fused in a dish
          • the embryo that develops is split up
            • the embryos are inserted into the mother
              • = identical offspring
      • adult cell cloning
        • the nucleus is taken out of the egg
        • nucleus is taken out of a adult cell
      • reduces variation
      • quick
    • gentically modifying
      • a useful gene is cut out of a organisms chromosome
        • using enzymes
        • and is inserted into another organisms chromosome
      • this is used to transfer useful genes in crops or animals
        • animals have been modified to produces substance such as drugs in cows milk that can be used to treat human disease
        • crops have been made resistant to viruses, insects, and herbisides


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