Genetic Engineering and Cloning

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  • Genetic Engineering and cloning
    • Non religious arguments FOR
      • Could lead to cures for usually incurable diseases
      • Genetic research is monitored closely by the law
      • Using 'cyborgs' does not invoke the loss of human life
      • Some countries already use it
    • Non religious arguments AGAINST
      • It makes scientists too powerful
      • It is irreversible so any mistakes are permanent
      • It means people could be screened so that those with genetic weakness would find it hard to get jobs act.
      • We don't know about the long term consiquences
    • different christian attitudes
      • Catholics who will use it for cursing diseases
        • Killing an embryo is same as killing a human (murder)
        • Life begins at conception whether in a womb or in a dish
      • Liberal protestants
        • Creating cells is not the same as creating people
        • Jesus was a heeler e.g. blind man
      • Catholics who completely against it
        • Humans should not interfere with God's will
        • It's wrong to try to make the earth perfect


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