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  • Generating
    • There is no current in a wire when it is stationary between the poles of a magnet
    • The size of the voltage depends on the rate at which the magnetic field changes
    • The brushes are contacts that touch slip rings and complete the circuit
      • Slip rings are connected to the ends of the coil to allow the coil to spin without the wire winding around itself
    • Increasing the speed of rotation of the electromagne-t increases the current induced in stator coils
      • Stator coils rotate around the rotor coils and increase the frequency of the voltage generated
    • As the coil rotates, the direction of the current reverses every half turn
    • A voltage is induced when a magnetic field changes
    • Reversing the direction of the magnetic field reverses the induced voltage and current
    • When a wire is moved upwards, a voltage is induced and a current passes


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