Power from the Sun and the Earth

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  • Power from the Sun and the Earth
    • Solar energy
      • Solar energy travels through space to the Earth as electromagnetic radiation
      • Solar cells can transfer solar energy into electrical energy
        • Large numbers of these cells can be joined together to form a solar panel
      • A solar power tower uses thousands of mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a water tank
        • The water in the tank is heated as a result and steam is produced
          • This steam turns a turbine, which turns a generator
    • Geothermal energy
      • This is produced inside the Earth by radioactive processes
        • This heats surrounding rock
      • In volcanic or other suitable areas, very deep holes are drilled
        • Cold water is then pumped down to the hot rocks
          • There it is heated and comes back to the surface as steam
            • This steam turns turbines that turn generators
              • Electricity is produced


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