Gene function analysis in eukaryotes

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  • Gene Function Analysis in Eukaryotes
    • Mendel 1865
      • Great idea; Genes are discrete, separable factors that function independently to determine distinct characters
      • Pea plants; easy to grow, hermaphroditic, lots of inherited variation, easily identified characters
        • Reproduce via self fertilisation (true breeding)
        • Cross bread 2 true breeding varieties; smooth seed bearing and wrinkled yielded all smooth
          • When these smooth F1 seeds were self fertilised, the wrinkled trait reemerged in a 3:1 ratio
      • Pistil; female reproductive organs containing ova and Stamen; male reproductive organs containing polen
    • Kolreuter; interested in producing new varieties and species. Hybridisation (cross breeding)
    • Mendel Law's
      • First; The principle of Segregation. Two alleles of a gene segregate from each other during gamete formation. Also alleles can be dominant or recessive (no blending)
      • Second; The principle of Independent assortment. Genes controlling different characters assort into gametes independently. The R/r (smooth) and Y/y (yellow) genes lie on different chromosomes


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