Gene therapy

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  • Gene therapy
    • the technique of molecular gene technology (gene therapy) can be used to treat some genetic disorders.
    • somatic cell gene therapy
      • as cells become specialised to a particular function some genes are swithced on or off
      • some conditions are caused by inheritance of faulty alleles
      • a functioning copy of the gene is inserted into cell(augmentation)
      • cancers can be treated by elimintating certIain cells. they make cancerous cells express genes to produce proteins which lead to attack on immune system
      • specific cells must be romoved, treated, then replaced.
      • treatment is short lived.
      • restriced to actual patient
    • Germline cell gene therapy
      • an engineered gene can be insteted into sperm egg or zygote.
      • as the gamete grows every cell contains this engineered cells.
      • the funtioning allele introduced into germline cells and is more straight forward than somatic
      • cells derived from germilne all contain copy. passed on to offspring
      • however it is unethical to engineer human embryos
      • genetic manipulation could be passed on


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