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Gene Therapy
· Explain the term gene therapy.
· Explain the differences between
somatic cell gene therapy and
germline cell gene therapy.…read more

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Somatic Cell Gene Therapy
Adding a copy of a functioning gene to
specialised cells in a mature individual.
Uses liposomes (artificial vesicles) or virus
vectors. Changes are temporary (until cell
dies) and are not passed on. Also used in
cancer treatment
- Effectiveness of liposomes
- Control
- Immunity…read more

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Germline Cell Gene Therapy
Adding a copy of the functioning gene to non-specialised stem
cells in very early stages of development (gamete, zygote,
early embryo). Changes are lifelong and pass on to offspring.
Illegal in the UK- although research has been conducted on
animals. Clothier Commission stated not enough was known
about germline gene therapy to warrant its use in humans.
· Ethics
· May not be able to predict the effects on the individuals and
their offspring
· Fears of parents choosing children's genes-
`designer babies'…read more


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