Gender Theory

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  • Gender Theory
    • Deborah Tannen
      • The difference Model
        • Men and women speak differently but are still equal
          • Status V Support ect
    • Pamela Fisherman
      • Dominance Model
        • Women use tag questions to start conversation and gain conversational power
          • Men don't respond to declarative s because they see themselves as dominant so women use tag questions to gain upper hand
    • Zimmerman and West
      • The difference approach
        • Interruption study, In mixed conversation men are more likely to interrupt (11 convos men interrupted 46 times compared to 2 women)
    • Deborah Cameron
      • Diversity and social group Approach
        • How speakers construct and perform gendered identities for themselves which may draw or challenge percived steryotypes
    • Koenraad Kuiper
      • Studied all male talk- men pay less regard to the need to save face and use insults as solidarity
    • Robin Lakoff
      • Deficit Approach
        • 'A Woman's Place'  That use of things such as tag questions and hedges make women weak in conversation
    • O'Barr and Atkins
      • Courtroom Study
        • Found female lawyers to be more assertive, both sex witnesses used 'weak' language, found that weak language traits are 'powerless' language rather than 'female' language


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