Game of Thrones - Audience Notes

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  • Game of Thrones - Audience
    • Availability
      • only available exclusively to sky1/HBO subscribers
        • most pirated TV show ever
      • streaming, torrents etc.
        • most pirated TV show ever
      • Box sets
        • fits with new TV watching habits
        • 'Binge' TV, can catch up straight away
          • Led to a 4 million viewer increase through Series 4
    • Target Audience
      • 18-39
        • language
        • nudity
        • sex
        • violence
      • men expected
        • due to violence, themes and
    • Innovative marketing
      • 15 minute trailer
      • active youtube/ twitter/ facebook presence.
      • Playing at the same time across the whole world
        • Reduces piracy
        • Everyone involved
      • Exhibitions, promotional events
    • Why do people watch it?
      • Cult TV
        • magnetic characters, dedicated fans, challenge genre conventions
      • Originally ASOIAF book series by GRRM
      • Wide variety of characters
        • more likely to appeal to larger audience
      • well known actors eg. sean bean, charles dance
        • Sean Bean has fan following from LOTR
      • Sigur Ros made a cameo and also produced song 'Rains of Castamere' for the show
      • clever advertising
        • interactive billboard
        • dragon skull on beach
        • 15 minute trailer for s4
        • dragon shadow on newspapers
    • Blulmer and Katz 'Uses and Gratifications'
      • Escapism
        • Escape from everyday problems and routine
        • fantasy world
      • Personal Identity
        • audience can feel empathy for some characters and storylines eg. ned's death
      • social interaction
        • Controversial show can spark conversation
    • Stuart Hall Encoding/ Decoding
      • Negotiated/ oppositional
        • women may dislike the imbalance of female/male nudity
        • Some women will be opposed to the show featuring frequent sexual violence scenes towards female characters.
          • eg. Daenerys' **** in 'Winter is coming'
      • preferred
        • Fans of the book are more likely to have a preferred reading
      • negotiated
        • people who object to graphic violence and nudity but can appreciate the storylines and characters


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