Functionalist View on Family (Evaluation)

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  • Functionalist view on the family
    • Murdock
      • Reproduction  - teach norms and values to next generation
      • Socialisation - key for children as could leave to deviants
      • Stable sanctification of sex drive -  monogamous heterosexual relationships prevented jealousy
      • Economical needs - males bring home the money that females use
    • Parsons - Functional Fit
      • As society changes, so does the type of family that ‘fits’ society, and the functions it performs.
      • Pre-industrial = extended now is nuclear as easy to relocate and less time
    • Is the nuclear under threat? NO
      • Its traditional just lives alongside more diverse forms
      • Chester said neo-conventional families and diversity is exaggerated
      • Gay couples seek civil partnerships and children (nuclear?)
      • While divorce rates are high so are re-marriage rates so people still want it
    • Functions that are in decline
      • Idea that family is unit of production
      • Reproduction being cause for marriage - lots have kids outside of marriage now
      • Child responsibility is less - playgroups etc.
      • Education for children is now schools jobs not parents
    • The purpose of the family
      • Supported by Parson and Murdock
      • Marxists would argue for 'brotherhood'
        • Zaretsky - forms ideological function 'haven'
        • Forms gender inequalities as men relieve frustrations
    • Too Harmonious
      • Ignore the darkside of family EG improvement in childhood
        • Mause says history of childhood was nightmare but now we're awaken
      • Evidence of elder abuse 4% rise. The family is negative and supresses kids personalities for work
    • Traditional Family
      • Murdock supports - biological and universal
      • Edholm found cross cultural examples not to be universally nuclear
        • Chester - Said diverse types (single parents) extensions and reductions of traditional view despite biological traits still being there
    • Conjugal Roles
      • For smooth running - Parsons says 'natural'
      • Oakley would say supressive and segregated
        • WIllmott and Young - women still naturally take on expressive roles
        • Doesn''t account for Wilkinson's Genderquake


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