Functionalist view of the family

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  • Functionalist view of the family
    • George murdock
      • The family is universal
      • REPS..(reproduction, economic, primary socialisation,   sexual regulation).
    • Talcott parsons
      • Family has lost functions   -structural differentiation
      • Two irreduceable functions
        • Primary socialisation      teaches the norms and values of society=value   consensus
        • Stablisation of adult personalities
          • Family provides a safe haven for adults to restablish personalities from stress of modern workplace
          • Men: The instrumental leader (breadwinner)
          • Women: the expressive leader (create the haven)
    • Ronald fletcher
      • The family has gained functions
        • Healthcare
          • Doctor referrals, managing exercise and diet
        • Education
          • Helping with homework, attending parents evening, buying resources
        • Economic
          • Unit of consumption instead of production
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Shows how important the family is
          • Shows how it adapts to meet the needs of society
      • Weaknesses
        • outdated-nuclear family no longer dominant
          • sexist stereotypes of men and womens roles
            • too rosetitnted. doesn't consider the dark side of the family


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