Sociology functional perspective

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  • Functional perspective
    • George Peter Murdock
      • Nuclear family universal
      • 4 basic functions: sexual, reproductive, economic, educational
      • 'rose-tinted'; harmonious; ignores dark side of family such as violence & abuse
        • D.H.J. Morgan notes Murdock does not states to what extent these basic functions are inevitably linked with nuclear family.
    • Talcott Parsons - 'basic and irreducible' functions
      • Primary socialization (internalizing society's culture)
        • (instrumental/expressive roles)
      • Stabilization of adult personalities (emotional security)
      • idealising families
        • based on American families; no classes, regions, religions, ethnic diversity
          • like Murdock, fails to explore functional alternatives to family
            • ignores two-way interaction process between parents and children


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