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  • From The Antique
    • ADH
      • 'It's a weary life....doubly blank in a woman's lot'
        • Could be from Nora's perspective
      • 'Or, better than any being, were not'
        • Wishing you didn't exist - similar to Nora's consideration of suicide
      • 'Blossoms blooom as in days of old, cherries ripen and wild bees hum'
        • Nora regains a perfect life when she leaves her family
      • 'Still the world would wag on the same'
        • The Helmer family must continue like normal without Nora
      • 'Would wake and weary and fall asleep'
        • What Nora did before she realized she wasn't herself with Torvald
    • Woman's place in society
      • 'Still the world would wag on the same'
        • If the narrator (a woman) died no one would care/notice. There is always another woman to take the spot of the last.
      • 'Not so much as a grain of dust'
        • Better to not exist at all rather
    • Significance of the title
      • 'Antique' - relic without purpose
        • When women are young they have a purpose as mothers, in childbirth, taking care of the home
          • But once they are old they are useless and have no purpose or use
      • 'Antique' has connotations of something old but valuable and precious
        • Showing how even aged women are still valuable as humans, even if society says they aren't
    • AO5
      • “I am not even very sure what Women’s Rights really are” - Ibsen
        • in a speech for the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights in Christiana
      • Hullah - “Rossetti’s poems encourage women to claim independence and agency”
      • “the faults of women are visited as sins, the sins of men are not even visited as faults”
    • AO3
      • Place of women in society
      • Place of women below men
        • Women belong to their father's and then their husbands
        • Without a controlling man in their lives women have no purpose
      • Women as caregivers - to men and children


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