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  • Franchises
    • very popular these days, favourite topic for examiners
      • Franchisor can provide help & support with marketing, taking and accountancy
      • Franchisees don't have much control over their business, unlike an independent firm
    • some give other firms right to sell their products
      • in return for a small fee
      • Known as Franchising
    • Product manufactures are known as franchisors
      • The firms selling the product are Franchisees
    • Some franchises trade under the name of the franchisee
      • but advertise that they sell a parituclar manufacturesproducts
        • Such as Car Dealers
    • Branded franchises go one step further
      • Franchisee buys right to sell under name of Franchisor
        • Pays a small fee or % of profits
    • Business model is proven to be successful




very useful revision resource to copy and paste

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