Forms of pollution and their possible solutions

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  • Forms of pollution and their possible solutions
    • Eutrophication
      • Excess of nitrates, nitrites and phosphates in rivers leads to lack of oxygen and increase in aquatic plants and animals (fish) dying
        • Caused by fertilisers
        • It can cause major health problems for humans e.g. scepticeamia
      • Solutions: improves sewage treatment and reduced use of farming fertilisers
        • But organic farming methods could reverse this as manure can still lead to an increase of nitrate in streams and rivers
    • Radioactive pollution
      • Nuclear power plants do not produce carbon emissions, but they do produce nuclear waste
        • The waste is buried in containers and no one knows if the containers can hold the waste for that length of time.
          • Also if humans come in contact with this waste they can get cancer or die
      • Solutions: some nuclear waste can be reprocessed which means 97% of the waste can be re-used,
        • The other 3%has to be stored: the safest way is geological disposal which makes sure waste can not reach the surface


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