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  • Forgetting - AO1
    • Name the theory that states forgetting occurs when one memory block another.
      • It mainly explains forgetting in which memory store?
      • What are the two types of interference? Identify and describe each one.
        • Interference occurs more when memories are ......................
          • Outline research support
            • A problem with using lab experiments due to the artificial material used, explain why this is a problem
        • What type of interference is....
        • Another type of interference is .....
        • Explain why timing is an issue and how this could be a problem in real life.
    • This theory states forgetting occurs when the necessary cues are not present. this is known as?
      • Explain what is a cue.
      • Explain what is meant by Encoding specificity principle
      • Explain what is meant by context dependent forgetting and link to research
      • Explain what is meant by state dependent forgetting and link to research
      • Supporting evidence for retrieval failure
      • Recall vs recognition, explain.
      • Real-life application


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