Forensic psychology

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  • forensic psychology
    • problems in defining crime
      • official statistic, British crime survey, self reported
    • offender profiling
      • typology approach, organised and disorganised crimes.
      • geographical approach, focuses on location of crime scene.
    • theories of offending
      • atavistic lambroso believe criminals have different features compared to non-criminals
      • somatotype theory. Sheldon physical appearance. endomorph ectomorph mesomorph
      • later biological explanations
        • psychodynamic, id, ego, superego
        • social learning
    • dealing with offenders
      • custodial scentencing
        • deterracne
        • rehabilitation
        • protection of society
        • retributions
      • alternitives
        • fines
        • community order
        • community rehabilitation order
        • absolute or conditional discharge
    • treatment programmes
      • behaviour modification
      • social skills training


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