Forensic Psychology for Dummies

Forensic Psychology for the less gifted

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  • Forensic Psychology
    • Measuring crime
      • Official Statistics
      • Alternatives to Official Statistics
        • Victim surveys and self-report measures.
    • Offender Profiling
      • Typology approach
        • Or the FBI approach
      • Geographical approach
    • Theories of Offending
      • Atavistic Approach
        • Reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type
      • Somatotype Theory
        • Endomorph
          • Fat and soft
        • Ectomorph
          • Thin and Fragile
        • Mesomorph
          • Muscular and hard
    • Later Biological approaches
      • Genetic Transmissions
        • Lombroso and Sheldon
      • Eynsencks theory of criminal personality
      • Psychodynamic explanation
      • Social learning theory
    • Dealing with offenders
      • The role of custodial sentencing
      • The effectiveness of custodial sentencing
      • Alternatives to custodial sentencing
    • Treatment programmes
      • Behaviour modification
      • Anger management


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