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  • Vectors and Scalars
    • a scalar is a line with a direction
    • Forces
      • Contact and Non-Contact force (and resultant forces)
        • A contact force is a force that need two object to toutvh to form/work
        • A non-contact force is a force that doesn't need two objects to touch for it to form/work
        • A resultant force is the overall force when two or more forces are acting on an object
        • Examples of Non-Contact forces
          • Magnetic Force
          • Electric force
          • Gravitational force
        • Examples of Contact forces
          • Applied force
          • Spring force
          • Drag force
          • Frictional force
      • Work done
        • Work done = Force * Distance
        • W = Joules      F = Newtons d = meters
        • The amount of joules 'given'/'done' onto an object
      • Parallelogram and resolution of forces
        • To resolve a force is doing the opposite of finding out the resultant force
        • Draw a rectangle around a perpendicular arrow and find the lengths
        • Create parallel lines on opposite sides to find resultant force
      • Gravity and center of mass
        • Gravity is generally 10 in equations but always use what is given
        • The center of mass is the average position of all the masses of an object
        • In a simple shape, with equal density the center of mass is in the middle
      • Stretching a spring and elasticity
        • Extension = extended - original
        • Force and extension are proportional until the limit of proportionality
        • Elastic potential = 0.5 * spring connstant * extention2
        • Force = Extenstion * Spring constant
    • A vector is a line with direction and value
    • Examples of Scalars
      • Length
      • Mass
      • Power
      • Temperature
    • Examples of Scalars
      • Acceleration
      • Weight
      • Drag
      • Lift
      • Thrust
  • Examples of Scalars
    • Acceleration
    • Weight
    • Drag
    • Lift
    • Thrust


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