Larkin - Religion context

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  • Larkin - Religion A05
    • Ostensibly dismissive, even derisive
    • ''An Anglican agnostic''
    • Bought a Bible later in life and read it daily - ''It's absolutely bloody amazing to think that anyone ever believed any of that. Really, it's absolute balls. Beautiful, of course, But balls.''
      • Still bought an expensive Bible = ambiguous??
      • Although religion was 'beautiful' but had no power to alter his terror of death (e.g. Aubade)
        • 1954 - 'Church Going'
    • ''Bored, uninformed'' by religion and could never give his experiences of the numinous a developed framework
    • Church was an embodiment of tradition and community
    • Didn't attend Church or profess any religious faith
    • Despised marriage and offspring from family - ''This Be the Verse''
    • Feared death and inevitable end
    • Wanted the comfort of an afterlife
    • Maeve Brennan, (devout Catholic) managed to make Larkin reflect on religion but ended on sarcasm
    • Obeyed father's injunction to ''never believe in God''


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