Food Tests

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  • Food Tests
    • Lipids:1. Use ethanol and water (Translucent)2. Shake ethanol to dissolve any lipid. 3. Add the ethanol to water and mix= White milky emulsion
    • Sugar:1. Use Benedict's Reagent (Blue)2. Cover the sample by adding about 2cm depth of Benedict's3. Place test-tube in hot water bath for 5 minutes4. Remove and check for colour change= Brick Red
    • Starch:1. Use Iodine (Orange/Brown)2. Add 5 drops of Iodine to the food in the test-tube.= Blue/Black colour
    • Protein:1. Use Biuret test (Pale Blue)2. Add CuSO4 until the food is covered3. Tilt test-tube then dribble soldium hydroxide down the side of the tube.4. Carefully starighten up the test-tube and look at where the 2 chemicals meet.= Lilac ringg between the 2 chemicals.


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