first love

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  • first love
    • literary devices
      • juxtaposition
        • "dream of first love forming real words"
    • links to childhood
      • "a childs love"
        • innocent
      • 'first love'
        • naivety
    • memory
      • memory of love is hazed
        • "hazed memory of love"
        • "almost clear"
      • nostalgic
      • painful to realise its just a memory
        • "painful"
      • disparity to cling to memories
        • "clench"
    • love now seems insignificant
      • "size of a tear"
    • still thinks of her 'first love'
      • "old film played at slow speed"
      • "such faithfulness"
    • still in love
      • "a star long dead"
        • stars can still be seen when they die
    • link to flowers
      • too focused on past to appreciate present love
        • "unseen flowers"
        • remembers present love and feels more positive
          • "unseen flowers suddenly pierce and sweeten the air"
      • first love never gave her the flowers because love ended
        • "unseen flowers"


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