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  • Fieldwork
    • Process
      • Title/ Aim/ Hypothesis
        • Planning
          • Data collection
            • Data organisation (tabulation and presentation)
              • Data analysis and interpretation
                • Conclusion and evaluation
    • Planning
      • Location
        • Permission to access land
        • Safety, Cost ?
        • Environmental effect
        • Is it suitable for the study
      • Risk assessment
        • Contingency plan: A plan to deal with the consequences of a hazard in fieldwork
        • Finding what in fieldwork could cause harm to people
          • IDENTIFYING Hazards
            • EVALUATE risk : Severity + likelihood
              • PREPARE control for risks
                • REVIEW +REVISE assessment
        • Risk: The likelihood of being exposed to or experiencing the hazard
          • SEVERITY
          • LIKELIHOOD
        • Hazard: Something that may cause harm
      • Pilot study
        • Useful to try-out fieldwork methodology before
          • Ensure methodology will yield ADEQUATE RANGE of results from chosen pop.
          • Ensures FAMILIARITY and PRACTICE with equipment


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