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  • Fertilizers
    • Fertilizers are chemicals that provide crops with minerals needed for growth, eg. Nitrates.
      • Crops use up minerals in the soil as they grow, so their growth is limited when there isn't enough minerals.
        • Adding fertilizers replaces the lost minerals, so more energy from the ecosystem can be used to grow.
          • Increasing the efficiency of energy conversion
    • Natural Fertilizers
      • They are organic matter. Including; manure and sewage sludge.
    • Artificial Fertilizers
      • They are inorganic. They contain pure chemicals as powder or pellets
    • Issues for the Environment
      • Eutrophication
      • Can alter the balance of nutrients too much and cause the crop or others plants to die
    • Economic Issues
      • Farmers need to get the amount of fertilizer just right.
        • Too much and money is wasted
        • Too little and productivity won't be increased and so they can't sell the crop for much money


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