Feminist views of the family

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  • Feminist view of the family
    • perpetuates patriachy
    • Liberal feminists
      • Cause
        • Gender socialisation. grow up believing boys and girls differ in terms of ability
      • Maintained
        • Gender socialisation and stereotypes
      • End
        • End gender socialisation. raise children in a gender neutral environment
        • Laws in place for equality
    • Marxist feminists (fran Ansley)
      • Cause
        • Capitalism. women are cheap and exploitable
      • Maintained
        • Woemns role as the expressive leader denies them higher status jobs
        • Glass ceiling
      • End
        • Abolish capitalism and put laws in place
    • Radical feminsts (shulamith firestone laura purdy)
      • Cause
        • womens own biology
        • men
      • Maintained
        • Men take advantage of women due to pregnancy
        • Become dependant on men
        • Heterosexuality is oppressive
      • End
        • baby strike, political lesbianism,      separatism


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