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  • Feminism
    • sociology of crime is malestream
      • ignores female deviance
      • female victimisation ignored due to invisibility of women
    • Heidensohn
      • academics and researchers in sociology mainly male
      • malestream middle class sociologist gained status from having romanticised interest with macho wc males
      • less to study low levels of female crime women tend to commit more invisible crime
    • Smart
      • women are seen as double deviants
        • not only do they break the law
        • break traditional gender roles
    • Messerschmidt
      • crime and deviance ie domestic violence
        • way to accomplish masculinity for men that have failed to achieve in other areas of life
    • contributions to crime and deviance
      • focus on female offending and experiences of women
      • development of new theories to explain female violence
      • new focus on types of female victimisation
      • challenging idea women are treated more leniently, chivalry
      • raised questions about different levels of control for men and women
    • Newburn
      • women are invisible in criminology
      • reflects male dominance in society and also crime theories


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