Feminism, paper 1 review.

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  • Feminism
    • Families
      • Ann Oakley / 1982
        • Conventional families
          • Defined the conventional family as one where both hetero sexual parents have 2-3 biological children
      • Duncombe and Marsden / 1995
        • Triple shift
          • Builds on the idea of the dual burden (where woman perform both unpaid  domestic house work and paid work) saying woman also look after the needs of the extended family.
      • Delphy and Leonard / 1993
        • Familiar exploitation
          • Women experiencing a dual burden, where their is a unequal or no division of domestic labor, maintaining patriarchy
    • Education
      • Gender subjects
        • As women out perform men, feminists chose to focus on how certain subjects in education are more preferred by tone gender than another.
    • Overview
      • Conflict / Consensus Debate
        • Conflict about gender
      • 3 Main Types Of Feminism
        • Radical feminism
          • Extreme view of feminism, beveling in political lesbianism and gender separation to remove opposition of woman.
        • Liberal feminism
          • Believes that only legal changes are needed to stop women oppression
        • Marxist femnism
          • Believes that woman are double oppressed by capitalism and the conventional family
      • General Description
        • A conflict theory believing women like in a patriarchal society where men exploit women, and these exploitation are canalised into us.


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