The main features used to place organisms into groups within the animal kingdom.

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  • Features of organisms.
    • Features in the cells of all living organisms.
      • Cytoplasm, Cell membrane, DNA as genetic material, Ribosomes for protein synthesis, Enzymes involved in respiration.
    • Main features used to place organisms into one of the five kingdoms.
      • Animals
        • -Cells don't have cell walls. -Multicellular and feed on other organisms.
      • Plants
        • -Cells have a cellulose wall. -They are multicellular. -Plants make their own food by photosynthesis.
      • Fungus
        • -Cell wall not made of cellulose. -Unicellular or multicellular. -Feed on dead organic matter or parasites.
      • Prokaryote
        • -Unicellular. -Cell wall not made of cellulose. -No true nucleus.
      • Protoctist
        • -Unicellular with a nucleus.
    • The main features used to place organisms into groups within the animal kingdom.
      • Vertebrates
        • Mammals
          • -Body covered by fur. -Has four limbs. -Produce live young. -External eyes. -Warm blooded -Lungs for breathing -Females have mammary glands -Four types of teeth
        • Birds
          • -Feathers with scales on legs.-Two wings and two legs.-Produce eggs with a hardshell.-Warm blooded.-Lungs for breathing.- Beak.
        • Reptiles
          • -Dry skin with scales.-Four legs apart from snakes.-Produce eggs with a rubbery, watery proof shell.-Cold blooded-Lungs for breathing.
        • Amphibians
          • -Moist skin-Four limbs, back feet are often webbed to make swimming more efficient.-Produce jelly-covered eggs in water.-Cold blooded-Lungs and skin for breathing.
        • Fish
          • -Scales.-Fins for movement.-Produce jelly covered eggs in water.-No ears, Lateral lines along body for detecting vibrations in water.-Cold blooded.-Gills for breathing.
      • Arthropods
        • Myriapods
          • -Segmented body.-One pair of antennae. -Fused head and thorax.-Simple eyes.
        • Insects
          • -3 body segments.-3 pairs of legs.-1 pair of antennae.
        • Arachnids
          • -2 body segments.-Four pairs of legs.-Simple eyes.
        • Crustaceans
          • -Have an exoskeleton.-1 pair of compound of eyes.-2 body segments.-More than four pairs of legs.-2 pairs of antennae.


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