Family (oikos) in the Bacchae

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  • Family (oikos)
    • Family history
      • 'Pentheus, born of the earth, seed of the dragon, the son of earth-born Echion!'
      • Cadmus kills a dragon then plants its teeth, making the citizens cursed by Ares as it was his sacred dragon
        • Cursed by their ancestors?
          • Maybe Pentheus, Agave and Cadmus were fated for a disastrous end?
    • Pentheus tries to stop his mother from killing him by reminding her he is her son
      • Pentheus: 'Mother I am your son Pentheus [...] Take pity on me, mother, and do not kill me, your son, for my mistakes!'
        • family ties/relations are shown not be enough to prevent such a violent act
          • Dionysus destroyed his own family  due  his arrogance and demand for worship
            • Dionysus expected his family to support and uphold him as a god, and felt betrayed when Pentheus didn't so took revenge.
              • Pentheus  refused to accept Dionysus as a god
                • Pentheus: 'He  is the one claiming to be the god Dionysus'
    • The importance of family is shown in the exodus
      • it shows what can happen if you reject a family member.
        • Pentheus' mistake destroys his family.
    • Messenger: 'Pentheus, the son of Echion, is dead!'
    • Cadmus and his wife are forced into exile and Agave and her sisters are also exiled by Dionysus
      • Agave: 'Lead me, escorts, to where I can take my pitiable sisters with me into exile'
    • Cadmus-Harmony
      • Zeus-Semele
        • Dionysus
      • Agave-Echion
        • Pentheus


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