Family dysfunction

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  • Family dysfunction
    • The schizo-phrenogenic mother
      • Theory established from childhood accounts of schizophrenic patients
        • Retrospective data so unreliable
      • Attributes; controlling, cold, rejecting, perfectionist, secretive, over-protective
    • Expressed emotion
      • Criticism, hostility and over expressed emotion cause stress
        • Suggests stress is an environmental trigger if already vulnerable (diathesis-stress)
      • Causes relapse when patients are returned to their families
      • Kavanagh (1992) 48% relapse rate for families with high EE, 21% for low EE
    • Double-bind theory
      • Verbal behaviour contrasts exhibited behaviour, causing confusion
        • Confusion resulting in disorganised thinking and paranoia
      • Berger (1965) Schizophrenics reported higher recall of double-bind statements by mothers than non-schizophrenics
    • Evaluation
      • Supported by research evidence
      • Problems when blaming the parents
      • Does dysfunction cause schizophrenia or is it the other way around? (Correlational studies, C+E)
      • Supported by therapies; reduced expressed emotion reduces symptoms
      • Doesn't explain why all children in dysfunctional families develop schizophrenia
      • Too reductionist; ignores biology; research has shown that medication works


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