Families and Households

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  • Families and Households
    • Family Types
      • Reconstituted Family
        • brings/has child from previous relationship
      • Extended Family
        • includes kin relatives beyond the nuclear family
      • Lone Parent Family
      • Same-Sex Family
      • Nuclear Family
    • Socialisation
      • Primary Socialisation
        • Learned at home
      • Secondary socialisation
        • Learned at school
      • Social Cohesion
    • Functionists
      • Have positive view/ broad view/ shared cultures and families
      • Believe you need a male and female role model in a family, therefore favour nuclear family structure
    • Globalisation
      • Communication
      • Transport
      • Individualisati-on was dispersed 1950
      • Divorce is cheaper/ easier nowadays
      • Single parent has less income and less time for their kids (health and education suffer)
      • Women get custody rights
      • communicatio-n revolution


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