Types of family, household and marrige

Marriage of two individuals
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Serial monogamy
A series of monogamous marriages
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Arranged marriage
Marriages arranged by parents to match their children to others with similar backgrounds
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Civil Partnership
The legal recognition to same sex couples giving them the same rights as married couples
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Marriage to more than one partner at a time
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One husband and two or more wives
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One wife and two or more husbands
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Nuclear family
Parents and children living in the same households (two generation)
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Extended family
All kin including and beyond the nuclear family
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Classical extended family
An extended family living in the same household or in a close vicinity
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Modified extended family
An extended family that lives apart but keeps connected through technology and other forms of communication
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Beanpole family
A multi generational extended family with few aunts and uncles
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Patriarchal family
Authority held by males
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Matriarchal family
Authority held by females
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Symmetrical family
Authority and domestic tasks are shared equally between partners
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Reconstituted/Step/Blended family
One or both of the partners was previously in a relationship and potentially with a child
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Lone parent family
Lone parent with dependent children usually after a form separation
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Same sex couple with children
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Single person household
An individual living alone
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Serial monogamy


A series of monogamous marriages

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Arranged marriage


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Civil Partnership


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