Factors that effect Eye Witness Testimony

EWT - Eye witness testimony

  • Anxiety
  • Weapon effect
  • Age
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  • Factors that effect EWT
    • Age
      • Children
        • More likely to pick a random person and make an error (Parker & Carranza)
      • Adults (19-44)
        • more confident in answers
      • elderly
        • have a poorer recall than adults over long (1 week) periods of time. (Memon et al 2003)
      • Anastasi and Rhodes 2006 found that we are better at identifying people from within our own age group than people who are older or younger than us
    • Anxiety
      • An unpleasant emotional state where we fear that something unpleasant is going to happen.
      • The relationship between accuracy and anxiety
        • high levels of stress negatively impact on eyewitness recall
        • Low arousal effects negatively effects the accuracy of EWT
          • If we have a really high or really low emotional arousal we give a less accurate recall. the best recall performance is when we have a medium emotional arousal.
    • the weapon effect
      • there is evidence that in violent crimes arousal may focus witnesses on more central details such as a weapon.
      • We are more likely to be anxious when we see a weapon and so we focus on it.


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