Factors which affect conformity

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  • Factors which affect conformity
    • Group size decreased from four people to two
      • Would decrease conformity because normative social influence is reduced when the group is smaller
    • Presence of a non-conforming role model
      • Decrease conformity as it decreases the unanimity of the group, decreases conformity by 80%
    • Task difficulty
      • Increases conformity as the participant would look for help and for guidance. As it becomes more difficult, it becomes more ambiguous
    • Participants are very confident (self-esteem)
      • Would decrease the conformity as they would resist conformity as they believe in their answers
    • Female participants instead of male
      • Increase as women are peacemakers and don't want to make a scene
    • Answers are given in private
      • Decrease because others don't know your answers so cant be ridiculed of they don't have the same
    • Carried out in the present time
      • Conformity would decrease as we know have our own, singular opinions
    • Carried out in a collectivist culture
      • Increase beacause they dont want to stand out and be ricicled. Also, because they dont was to bring shame upon th family


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