Factors Affecting Growth and Development

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  • Factors Affecting Growth and Development
    • Life Style Choices
      • Smoking
        • Effects your brain, stomach , skin, heart, lungs, circulation, mouth and throat
      • Drinking
        • Effects on brain, liver and immune system. Could develop   cancer or pancreatis
      • Drugs
        • Effects on overall health, effects on the brain, behavioural problems
    • Genetic Inheritance
      • Disabilities
      • Inherited characteristic
      • Talents
    • Influence of play
      • Solitary Play
        • Playing alone so wont socialise with other children
      • Social Play
        • Working with other children so will develop social skills.
    • Culture
      • Religion
      • Community Influences
    • Gender
      • Inequality
      • Employment opportunity
      • Expectations
    • Influence of role models
      • Copying what they do could affect you in a positive or negative way
    • Money
      • Low income
        • Not enough nutrients
        • Might not live in a nice area
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