Bilogical factors

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  • Genetic factors affecting development.
    • Foetal alcohol syndrome
      • Drinking alcohol in pregnancy- massive risk to a baby.
      • These children have physical and develop defects (PIES)
      • Babies are born with small head circumference causing poor brain development.
      • Heart defects, learning difficulties and neurological problems.
      • Facial abnormalities & abnormal growth.
    • Maternal infections.
      • Infections such as rubella or CMV that can be passed to the baby in the womb and may cause:
        • Heart problems
        • Congenital defects
        • Still birth
        • Miscarriage
      • Biological factors.
        • The mothers lifestyle during pregnancy can affect the health and development of the unborn child. Poor factors that may affect the unborn child include:
          • Poor diet
          • Drug use
          • Alcohol use
          • Smoking
      • Congenital defects.
        • These are defects/anomalies in the developing foetus, such as congenital heart disease or club foot. Defects may be detected before birth, during birth or in later life.
          • such as a deficiency in folate, which increases the risk of neural tube defect (spina bifida).
            • Nutritional
          • such as maternal exposure to pesticides, chemicals, radiation or alcohol or tobacco, causing abnormal growth.
            • Enviromental
          • such as rubella, resulting in deafness and health problems.
            • Infections
          • such as Down's syndrome.
            • Genetic


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