Weather hazards in the UK

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  • The Uk's weather hazards
    • Extreme winds
      • Sometimes remnants of hurricanes travelling over the Atlantic from the US
      • Can cause destruction to power supplies and cause trees to fall
      • Strongly affected Whales and West-Midlands
    • Prolonged rainfall
      • During 2014, wet winter flooding was widespread across Southern Britain
      • Common in late winter and early spring.
    • Heavy snow and extreme cold
      • Particularly effects the North
      • Has become less common in recent years
    • Drought and extreme heat
      • Long dry spells of hot weather
      • In 2003, Europe had their most extreme heat wave for 50 years
    • Thunder-storms
      • July 2014- 3000 lightening strikes across Southern Britain, followed by hot weather and torrential rain


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