Geography Extreme Tourism

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  • Extreme Tourism - Antarctica
    • Management
      • Tourists must remain 5m away from wildlife
        • Avoids disturbing them
      • Specific islands dedicated to tourism
        • Limits tourism to certain areas
      • Litter is collected and taken back with tourists
        • Prevents pollution
      • Tourists are educated about the negative effects of tourism
        • They'll be more carfeul
    • Positive Impacts
      • More people get to see how beautiful Antarctica is
        • Increases the desire to protect it
      • Tourists learn about marine biology and the threats of climate change
        • They become ambassadors for the area
      • As trips are expensive, people who go are more likely to understand the impacts of careless tourism
    • Attractions
      • Admiring the wildlife - whales, birds seals and penguins!
      • Seeing the night sky unspoiled by light pollution
      • Swimming at Deception Bay
      • Taking a helicopter ride
    • Negative Impacts
      • There is a threat of pollution caused by oil spills from ships passing close to Antarctica, like the one which happened in 2007
      • Invasive species - bringing foreign species accidentally into Antarctica
        • Can damage the ecosystem
      • Litter left on the island can cause pollution
      • Tourists being too close to breeding birds can cause them to abandon their nests.


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