Extraversion and neuroticism

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  • Extraversion and neuroticism
    • neuroticism
      • related to the workings of the autonomic nervous system
      • unstable mood swings
      • high "N" may lead to move swings and anxious behaviour
      • low "N" leads to calm behaviour
      • Reseach
        • McGurk and McDougall found significant differences in E,P,N scores suggesting a link between behaviour and personality
          • difficult to generalise but gives socially acceptable answers
    • Extraversion
      • high "E" can lead to being a criminal with lack of self control
      • needs to be implusive to get extra excitement
      • Reaserch
        • Eysenck did not look at repeat re offending and links between introversion and extroversion
        • Farrington say it is not clear why the relationship between E + offending is inconsistent
    • Psychoticism
      • criminal characteristic-hostile uncaring attitude. violent. lack of empathy. hostile uncaring attitude.
      • Research
        • high scores on E+P+N only apply to violent crimes
        • results are obtained from twin studies which are un reliable
    • General evaluation
      • research was self report meaning it could be biased
      • research doesn't include people who have committed a crime but not being caught
      • passingham noted that eysneck didn't match criminal groups on social background, so methodologically flawed


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