Extinction and Speciation

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  • Extinction and Speciations
    • Extinction
      • Happens if you can't evolve quick enough
      • Happens when- 1)The environment changes too quickly (eg destruction of habitat)
      • 2)A new predator kills them (eg humans hunting them)
      • 3)A new disease kills them all
      • 4)They cant compete with another/new species for food
      • 5)A catastrophic event happens that kills them all(eg volcanic eruption)
      • 6)A new species develops (speciation)
    • Speciation
      • It is the development on new species
      • Isolation and Natural Selection lead to speciation
      • 1)Two populations off the same species
      • 2)Physical barriers separate populations
      • 3)Populations adapt to new enviroments
      • 4)Development of a new species


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